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Committed to Instilling Faith into All Congregants

Pastor Maxwell and wife, Donna joined the Easton Church of God family in October of 2006. They have one son, Josh, married to Brandy, and one daughter, Christina, married to Scott Matthews, and four GRAND children, Lanie, Skye, Caleb, and Leah. The whole family takes great pleasure in their collective church ministries. 

     Pastor Keith Maxwell began his evangelistic ministry at age 15 and attained his exhorter’s license in the Church of God at age 17. At age 26, he received the License of Ordained Bishop. The Maxwell’s began pastoral ministry in 1981 and have enjoyed many fruitful years. Throughout the years, Pastor Maxwell’s genuine love for community has been the catalyst for various city-wide ministry events such as Resurrection Prayer Walk and Eggstravaganza. He believes that the evangelistic message is straightforward: Christ loves us and endured His suffering for each one of us individually…He waits for us to call upon His name, JESUS!

Bishop G. Keith Maxwell

Senior Pastor

Bishop S. Scott Matthews

Student Pastor

Bishop Josh Maxwell
Worship Pastor

A Brief History of the Easton Church of God


Starting from the vision of the two founding ministers of the Easton Church of God much has developed from our 1929 beginning. The Church was organized with 13 members on August 9, 1929. The first meetings, held in a tent, were forced into homes after the tent was blown down. As time passed the congregation was then moved into our first building and resided there for a number of years before the move to our current facility.


Many pastors have graced the pulpit over the years: W. Carl Milligan, T.J. Looney, Ralph F. Koshewitz, Ancel Newton, W.B. Chamberlain, William F. Morris, L.H. Alford, R.H. Sumner, W.H. Dean, D.G. Homner, Ralph E. Day, Aubrey C. Lowery, Thomas E. Tapley, Horace S. Ward, and our current Pastor, G. Keith Maxwell .


During the term of Pastor Day, our current facility was built. By faith, The Reverend Dr. Floyd J. Timmerman, (General Secretary-Treasurer of the denomination) The Reverend Dr. Robert F. Fisher, (Delmarva-D.C. Overseer of the Church of God at that time) and Pastor Day joined congregants in a groundbreaking ceremony even before plans were finished and funds made available. At this history-making occasion a giant green cross appeared in the grassy field where f-a-i-t-h said that we would construct a 32,000 square foot building for God! The cross appeared "suddenly" and remained for 30 days. Elders of the church who mowed the lawns before construction took place can still vividly recall the presence of the huge green cross. Without knowledge of this event however, architect M. Fred Taylor of Memphis, Tennessee recommended that our sanctuary be built in the shape of a cross. After plans were finished, funds were made available, and over time the building was completed. This allowed for the much needed expansion so we could continue to spread the gospel. Over the years God has truly blessed us, from our first tent meetings to the large congregation, and different ministries that we have today.

God deserves all the credit and glory for our outstanding growth!

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