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Coronavirus Update

REVISED 03/19/20

Easton Church of God Announcement

**Coronavirus Update**

March 18, 2020

ECOG Family,

   Our Governor released an update on Monday, 03/16/20 stating that for the next two weeks all public gatherings should limit to 50 people or less(This changed on 03/19/20 from 50 to 10). This change, in one light has caused us to postpone the Bunny Hop, EGGstravaganza, and The Easton Passion Play, but in another light has revealed an extraordinary opportunity to embark on a visionary journey.

   We are excited to announce that starting this week the Easton Church of God is launching a secondary campus entitled eCampus. We have been live-streaming our Sunday and Mid-week worship experiences for several years now. Many of you have been faithful since the beginning and many have recently starting joining us. We want you to know how much we love and appreciate you. This is just the beginning. We want to create ways to get to know you, and you us. We want to create areas of opportunity where we can be there for you and pray for you. eCampus is the place to start. We are creating a place where you will feel loved, and a place where you can call home. For those of you who aren’t able to make to our primary campus on North Washington St in Easton we invite you, starting this week, to join our eCampus family.

   This week, and next, all of our normal worship experiences will be live-streamed only (no in person services) on both Facebook Live and YouTube as we continue to honor our leaderships’ guidelines. Please make every effort to join with us during this time of rest and be sure to share, like, and follow all of our social media platforms. We have an app through church center that you can download on your Android and Apple devices. Just search your phones App Store for “church center app” and locate our church, Easton Church of God. If you need assistance in getting set up with one of our online solutions please reach out to our church office at 410-822-3088 or contact us at media@eastoncog.org.

   In addition to continuing our worship experiences online we are remaining available to assist our community (boots on the ground) with the Harvest of Hope food pantry. If you or someone you know is in need of food items please contact the church office during normal business hours from 9am - 4pm, at 410-822-3088 to request a care package. If you would like to help keep our food pantry stocked and ready to support those in need please also contact the church office for details on where you can drop off your donation. Help us care for our elderly and sick during this time by informing us of any needs you may know about. This is our opportunity to be a Church On The Move.

   We will continue to take every extended measure to keep our facilities sanitized and to keep our church family updated as this season progresses. Make sure to stay connected with us through social media and our website at eastoncog.org

   As always, be in continued prayer for our leadership and community during this time.

Serving Together,
Pastor G. Keith Maxwell

House of Worship

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